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ISA Membership

Cornell Supply is proud to be a member of ISA , or The Industrial Supply Association. This agency is an effective force for the MROP end-user, by helping to reduce channel inefficiencies and lowering channel costs. The ISA helps the end-user compete in an evolving economic environment. This trade association for general line industrial distributors and industrial supply manufacturers focuses on providing an array of value-added services that reduce the operating costs of the end-user.

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QMI - ISO Certified

As a leader in industrial tool distribution, Cornell Supply's management system has been certified to ISO 9001 : 2000.

QMI is one of North America's leading management system registrars, and has successfully registered our company to these specific management standards. This translates to high quality service for all of our customers!

If you would like a copy of our ISO Certification, please click here.

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IBC Membership

  • IBC is a private company who operates national buying & marketing group functions for Cornell Supply and other industrial distributors.
  • Cornell Supply became a member of IBC for the purpose of aggregating buying power, the running of multi-location customer contracts, and to share best practices with fellow members.
  • One of the many benefits that our company receives is the ability to work with IBC to provide minority credits to our existing and potential customers. IBC is the only national organization in the MROP category with Certified Minority Status. "National Contracts via Cornell Supply and IBC"
  • Due to IBC's North American-wide representation, Cornell Supply and other distributors can be brought together under a National Contract to service multiple plants of a manufacturer.
  • National Contracts provide major cost-savings benefits due to economies of scale. These benefits include :
    • Lower price points due to multi-location standardization and supplier aggregation
    • Lower transaction fees by reducing the number of suppliers and available summary billing
    • Lower internal costs due to data rationalization and cleansing
    • Greater visibility of process savings through partnership with dedicated suppliers and advanced company-wide reporting
  • If you would like more information about IBC/Cornell Supply's National Account program or Minority Credit Program , please contact Cornell Supply today!